Welcome to the new website of 'Sharon animation'.
We create TV series and animation for computer games using cut out technique and 2D animation.

We have created so far five TV series for fox news company. Our TV series are broadcast around the globe through the baby TV network. Please click the icons on the left side of the screen, and watch some quality toddlers TV.
All we need from you is a budget and an idea and we take it from there, we do almost everything ourselves, script, character design, background design, animation, even post production.
We have a 22 years experience in this field of industry, and we strongly believe that our huge bank of experience is a game changer that makes us a company that you want working for you. Creating an animation series is a complex task that requires vast knowledge in multiple professional disciplines, so many things can go wrong during the production process.
Much of the work we do is 'rescue missions'.
A talented but inexperienced visual artist started a huge project like an animation series, and now the producers are stuck half way to a product, so they call us to the rescue.

We are cheap, but not the cheapest. We take big pride in the quality of our work, and we never deliver before it is absolutely ready. No shortcuts, no excuses. We deliver on time, on budget, and exactly what you asked for. We are cheaper than the other big production companies because our business have a low overhead, we don't rent offices in the middle of town, we don't have secretaries, and no public relation company, we work from our home, and if we need extra help we don't hire salaried employee, but work with other entrepreneurs like us.

And now, if I may, a personal note, we left the huge post production factories after 10 years of work, because we felt that we are becoming worn down. That is the reason we took this personal and financial risk, leaving a comfortable job in a huge company, and trying to make it on our own, but every morning, when I look at the work I plan for that day, I am happy we made this change because we are still motivated, still excited, still brimming with new idea, still managing to express ourselves while making a living. The bet paid off, big time.