Welcome to the official site of Sharon animation, the name behind many toddlers TV series and shows, that are being broadcast around the world in 42 countries.
Behind the name “Sharon animation” there are two married artists: Ayelet and Yochay Sharon. Ayelet Sharon is the visual creative engine behind the studio and his animation. Ayelet is the director, designer and director of animation , and most important , the mother of our two lovely children. Yochay is the scriptwriter,the animator and the father who try to bring order to the chaos .each of us have 21 years experience in the field of design&animation.
Our business operates out off our home, situated near the beautiful beach of northern Israel, and family life and work are combined.

One of the main reasons why we left the big production studios and created our own studio, is because we got fed up with the clean simple and flashy design of most of the animation produced for toddlers today. We got tired of having to go in the same path over and over again, always suggesting new exciting ways to create,and always being refused because of budget and office politics concerns. We decided to create a new studio which will focus on innovation and creativity. Our animation designs are full of intricate design and extremely detailed surfaces. To support our artistic design we had to find new and unknown animation creation tools, and the new skills we had to acquire in order to operate these tools , launched a new creativity boom.

Our goal – creating animation that tries to excite and interest.

Although we are only two artists,we can produce big projects.When we produce a big job we spread the work around. We employ freelancers and other home studios and we coordinate the effort to produce the finished product. We make sure that the original design spirit will be kept,and because we work only with experienced professionals,we usually succeed. We make it a point to employ moms that want to extend there maternal leave and stay longer at home with there new babies. [family is important to us].

If you are an animation producer looking for new look, tired of paying good money and getting only more of the same, you should drop us an email and lets talk.We are still in the beginning of our artistic and commercial road, we still look ahead to the next summit to be reached,We still have a lot to say, and say it in a new voice .
On the other hand we are not green nosed art school graduates. We worked 21 years in this industry.
We understand that this is not an Art show but a business. That is why we stay on budget and produce the best technical quality.
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